Modern-day education reinforces gender inequality

Gender diversity has started to take over as a norm in modern society, challenging the conventional binary view. As a more divergent world welcomes each individual’s freedom in identifying themselves – whether as male, female, or LGBTQ – the long-established social values have become more and more disrupted.  Issues about gender have always been presented […]

Culture and gender discrimination: Kenya’s glass ceiling in education

It’s clear that inequality and discrimination in society has deprived a large number of children across the world of access to school. In one obvious example, Kenya’s cultural value has been an obstacle that blocks women from the education system as effectively as poverty.  The Guardian’s report in July unveiled how educational opportunity has been […]

US teacher shortage worsened by pandemic

One industry that manages to strive amid the crisis of COVID-19 pandemic is the online platform technology. In education, the online learning business has grown exponentially and attracted attention from several politicians and entrepreneurs. In the United States, an education business model called Elevate K-12 has seen a big spike in its revenue. One of […]

UK students rally against prolonged online learning

“Blended Learning Approach,” a COVID-era form of education taken by UK universities, has become controversial after Manchester University announced on July 5 that it would be permanently adopted, causing outrage among students. BBC reported that over 5,000 students signed their names petitioning a permanent adoption of online learning approach without any fee reduction from the […]

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